attorneys involved in every aspect of new york city real estate

In the New York real estate world of high rises, high complexities and high-value transactions, the name to know is Goldberg Weprin Finkel Goldstein LLP.

We know the lenders, the law­yers, the title companies. We’re good on the preparation, good on the business side, good at execution, and throughout the United States. We make it very easy for our clients to transact real estate business.
— Andrew W. Albstein, Managing Partner

GWFG is a buyer's counselor, a seller's advisor, a steady hand on tax issues, a litigator when necessary, and fluent in development and construction. 

GWFG has been in practice for more than 75 years, with the late Jack Weprin setting the tone for its style of business. Andrew W. Albstein reminisced that Jack Weprin was charismatic and honorable, the man everyone wanted as his lawyer. Today, that personal touch is still a hallmark.

This approach, along with the firm's demonstrated success, brings business referrals from clients, brokers, and from other law firms. Clients find experience, practicality and efficiency, exactly what they need in any and every real estate transaction.

With more than 35 lawyers and a strong support staff, the firm offers many areas of specialty under one roof. The talents of each attorney complement those of the others, for seamless service in even the most complex situations. This structure also maintains cost efficiency for clients.